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What Is The 'Hype' Of Informed Delivery?

Image of Faith Whitmire
Faith Whitmire

Have you ever been expecting something important in the mail and wondered if it was there yet? Has it been stolen, or just not delivered yet? Better yet, have you ever been so busy that you did not even know something important was waiting for you in your mailbox? Well lucky for you there is a solution to these problems!

The solution is the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery! You may be wondering; what is informed delivery and how does it fix my problems? Let me break it down!

What is informed delivery?

  • The USPS® notifies you each day what’s scheduled to be in your mailbox that day.
  • They capture an image of each mailpiece so you can see the address side of everything in your mailbox.
  • Even if they can’t capture an image of a piece of mail, they’ll still let you know about each mailpiece.
  • You’ll receive daily notification of the delivery of packages that were shipped through the Postal System

How does the customer receive the messages?

First ask yourself, “what is something that everyone always has on them?” Your cell phone!

  • The message is sent via:
    • Email
    • The Dashboard for Informed Delivery
    • App

How does this solve my problem?

  • If you are anxiously waiting for something to come in the mail, you can be notified the day it is to be delivered.
  • You see what is and what isn't delivered to your house each day, so you will know if it was stolen or if it has not been delivered yet.
  • If you are busy and always on the go you can see if you need to pick up your mail.

Informed delivery gives you peace of mind. Now there is no reason to worry about the mail because it is at your fingertips! The real question is, why are you not using informed delivery yet?


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