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Time for a New Look

Image of John Travis
John Travis

I love seeing the evolution of logos. My dad is a big John Deere fan, so I’ve been intrigued by the different iterations of their logo since I was a boy. The AT&T Logo is another one I’ve watched and referenced for years. In it you can see their shift to a global brand. There’s also Twitter, Pepsi, Apple, McDonald’s, and Mercedes. In fact, if you do a search for “evolution of famous logos” you’ll see a lot of changed branding. As companies evolve, their logo must advance with it.

Our company has evolved dramatically, and our image needed to catch up. 

We began our lives as SynTel, so our first logo was a two-tone blue word mark using the word “SynTel” with a script "S" behind it. When we needed to change our name several years later, we used our flagship software, AutoMail, as the foundation of our new identity. The corresponding logo was a quick solution to a pressing demand. It filled the need, but other than the name itself, it lacked anything that was unique to us.

AutoMail_2C_Horiz_solidIn early 2020 we started a series of strategic meetings that forced us to look at ourselves more critically than we have in a long time. It produced a new set of core values and a new core focus. We quickly realized our logo didn’t embody our principles or our aspirations.

It was time for the next step in our brand evolution.

We brainstormed several ideas and developed a few iterations that we just didn’t love.

Throughout our history, customer feedback has been a huge part of our development and growth. We’ve listened to their needs and developed new products and services for them.

That understanding became the catalyst for our new identity. Discussions leads to ideas. Those ideas become solutions.

From there, the logo almost built itself. Almost. We slightly modified a lowercase “a” to suggest a conversation bubble. An exclamation point has long been a symbol for ideas and excitement, so it was added into the icon. Then we moved onto the wordmark. It gives a nod to the fixed-width fonts and postal barcodes we see every day.

automail-21-horiz-trn-600We feel this better represents where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we want to go.

Automail. Conversations. Ideas. Solutions.

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