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Results Delivered: Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Here to Stay

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Dustin Kellums

If you’re a business owner or someone in marketing, you have several channels available to reach prospective buyers. Because of that, it’s easy to understand why direct mail marketing, a tried-and-true method, is often overlooked. While this may seem like a thing of the past, it’s a proven and effective way to reach buyers. Here are some reasons why direct mail marketing is still relevant and why you should include it in your marketing plan.


  1. Physical Mail Pieces Get Opened
    How many emails do you get each day that you simply ignore and don’t open? For me, the answer is dozens. In fact, my personal email has become more of a catch-all than anything. You know what does happen every day though? My wife or I check the mailbox. If a mail piece is in there, it’s getting seen. That leads me to my next point…
  2. It’s Tangible
    If your house is anything like mine, a mail piece with a coupon may sit around the house for a couple of weeks. Then, while my family is playing the “I don’t care where we eat” game, the coupon makes the decision for us. Since direct mail is tangible, it tends to linger. This differs from digital campaigns where you can choose whether to open an email or keep scrolling past an ad on social media.
  3. It Can Be Targeted
    There are several ways direct mail can be targeted to specific groups of buyers. If your business has existing customer data, you can target that list knowing that since they’ve bought from you before, they’re likely to again. Another great way to target is by using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. By using EDDM, businesses can target specific areas of town that have a better chance of bringing in customers. For example, if you just opened a pizza place and want to send a postcard out with a coupon, simply use the EDDM tool on the USPS website and pick the neighborhoods you’d like to target. From there, the postcards will hit every mailbox on the routes you’ve chosen. Oh, and the postage rate for EDDM postcards, flyers and other flats is shockingly low at only $0.192 per mail piece.
  4. Brand Awareness
    As a business, your brand is everything. When potential buyers are thinking of the products that you sell, you want them to think of your company first. A direct mail piece is one way to accomplish that. It keeps your brand in front of the consumer and increases the likelihood that they do business with you in the future.
  5. It’s Affordable
    With direct mail, businesses can reach as few or as many potential customers as they’d like. This provides a great way to market your business while being budget conscious. Direct mail also has a very good return on investment. A study by the Direct Marketing Association shows that every $1 spent on direct marketing advertising results in $11.63 in sales.
  6. It’s Measurable
    Direct mail is different than some forms of marketing in that it’s easy to measure how successful the campaign is. You’ll never know how many eyes saw your billboard or how many calls you received because of it. However, direct mail results are easy to track. Want your mail piece to get someone to call you? Use a unique telephone number for that mail piece. Want to track consumer purchases? Put a unique code on the mail piece that is entered at checkout for the consumer to receive a discount. Want to drive people to your website? Create a unique landing page for your business and list it on the mail piece. If someone visits the site, you’ll know it was because they saw your mail piece.
  7. We Make It Easy for You
    At AutoMail, we make the direct mail process easy for you. If you have artwork and a list of areas to target, great. If not, our staff can design your mail piece and give you suggestions on different areas to target. Once mail piece design and target areas are decided on, we handle the print and delivery to the USPS.

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