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NEW USPS Postage Rate Change

Image of Faith Whitmire
Faith Whitmire

Do you mail through the USPS? Then you need to listen up! The USPS approved a postage increase that will go into effect Sunday, August 29, 2021. You may be wondering what all changed? Well, look no further because below is a chart that shows some of the most used rates, and how they’re changing.


Full-Rate Stamp

Current: $0.550

New:      $0.580

Change: $0.030

Full-Rate Metered

Current: $0.510

New:      $0.530

Change: $0.020

Auto 5-Digit

Current: $0.398

New:      $0.426

Change: $0.028


Current: $0.428

New:      $0.461

Change: $0.033

Auto Mixed AADC

Current: $0.450

New:      $0.485

Change: $0.035

First-Class Flats

Current: $1.000

New:      $1.160

Change: $0.160


Why The Change?

The USPS is making this change in postage to be able to get some much-needed funds. Instead of waiting until January for this change to take place, they are getting a head start that way they can get the funds now.


What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

All AutoMail and eDocs customers should update their software. This update will be sent as an email. DOC customers do not need to do anything, but they will notice a difference in postage starting Monday, August 30th.

Need More Information?

If you have more questions, check out this link to the USPS website. There you will be able to see all the changes and the breakdown.

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