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USPS Delivery Times That Will Be Impactful For The Holiday Season And Beyond

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Faith Whitmire

With the holiday season coming closer and closer, more people will start to order items online more than they already do. But there is one thing that is different this year than there has been in the past. That is how long it will take for packages to be shipped.

The USPS has implemented new timelines for First-Class mail. Instead of taking up to three days for packages to be delivered it can now take up to five days for them to be delivered in the United States.

Why Did This Happen?

The USPS is anticipating a $160 billion deficit in the next ten years. To counteract these losses, they have extended the time of delivery and moved to using trucks rather than planes to ship more packages. Air travel can be expensive. So, moving to trucks will allow them to save money. The downside is that trucks are not as fast as planes. While it saves the USPS money it will take a truck longer to go from New York to California than it would for a plane to fly there. These changes, along with others, are a part of their ten-year plan to help the USPS.

What Does This Mean For U.S. Citizens?

Citizens should recognize these changes and keep them in mind for the days ahead. Planning ahead will become more of a necessity if you want your packages to arrive on time. Just like the everyday citizen ordering Christmas gifts online, businesses need to plan ahead as well. A business needs to keep their customers and employees happy, and not taking this change into consideration can and will affect the business.

It is important for everyone to be mindful of these changes so their day-to-day lives are not majorly impacted. A little planning can go a long way!

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