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Need to Reduce Capital and SAVE?

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PRINTtoMAIL is the process used by Document Output Center™, LLC, using the secure delivery of files to a remote environment that prints and mails statements, billing and other important documents directly to the customer. Print-to-mail is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce capital equipment costs, labor, postage and focus more on business rather than running a mailroom. #printtomail

DISASTER RECOVERY Disasters happen. They are sudden and unexpected. To keep customer data secure and downtime operations minimal, Document Output Center™, LLC offers a complete print-to-mail outsource solution. #disasterrecovery

SPECIAL NOTICE | EASYMAIL sometimes there are those ONCE-A-YEAR mailings that disrupt the normal flow. Eliminate the stress and let Document Output Center™, LLC handle your document mailing! From Privacy Notices, Regulatory Notices, or simply those Opt-In/Out mailings, SynTel Premier Solutions (DOC) is your ANSWER! This can be done by outsourcing the mailing to us or through EasyMail. With EasyMail we will run your file through AutoMail and send back to you for in-house processing. #easymail

CHANGE OF ADDRESS (SCOA) Every year approximately forty million Americans move their place of residence and/or business however their old addresses often remain in mailer’s databases. As a result, mailings continue to go to old addresses. It is estimated that at least 30% of all mail is undeliverable because of incorrect addresses. This means lost opportunities, lost sales, and wasted money.

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