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How to draw people to your booth

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Faith Whitmire
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Picture this: you are at a conference and you see one booth with so many people in front of it you can't tell whose booth it is. You make your way through the crowd and discover it is your booth! Then all of a sudden you wake up to your alarm going off. You sit there and wonder what was so special about the booth that made it so awesome? Then it dawns on you! The people were holding all kinds of awesome giveaway items with your logo on them.

You figured out how to make your booth a success but now you wonder where can you find all those awesome products? That is where we come in. Besides the giveaways, we offer helpful tips and tricks to make your booth the one that everyone is talking about at the next conference.

The best way to get people to your booth and keep them around is a combination of both fun items and strategy. Getting them to come by your booth for thirty seconds to pick up an item is one thing. Them spending five to ten minutes at the booth before walking away is another. It starts with drawing them in with a giveaway, which could be a variety of things. Pens, reusable water bottles, flashlights, and phone accessories are popular booth items. During a global pandemic, it could be hand sanitizer and mask! Getting their attention with great giveaways is the first step. Making the booth interactive is a way to keep them a little longer.

One way to make the booth interactive is by having a game go along with the booth. This could be a wheel that they spin to see what prize they get. While they are there spinning your team can start a conversation with them. Another example would be a trivia game. You could pick a question out of a bowl and if they get it right, they could get a bigger item or multiple items! If they do not get the question right, they should still get a prize. Remember to use questions that your team can use as conversation starters about your company. That way they can turn the thirty-second encounter into a profitable conversation.

Then they leave with a physical item that reminds them of your conversation. For a company to get the most out of its products it is important to use all of its benefits. The products are a step in the right direction, but it is the team that executes the process. When used effectively, promotional products at conferences opens new leads and opportunities. Creating more conversations is the key to success!

You may still be wondering where can you find the promotional products that best fit your company? Here at Automail Creative Services, we do the hard work for you that way all you have to worry about is creating the conversations. Let us help you be a big hit at the next conference today! Contact us. 

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