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Don't Dread Tax Notice Season

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Dustin Kellums

We’ve all been there. An event is coming up and even though it is days or weeks away, dread is setting in. For me, and millions of other kids I’m sure, that event was always the first day of school. Perhaps you have the same feeling when it comes to tax notice season. There it is, Christmas, and all you can think about are the thousands of tax notices you’ll be processing in the coming weeks. If this is you, know that there is a solution. Tax Notice Solution by Automail.

Tax Notice Solution (TNS) is a full-service, web-based application that provides our customers the fastest and easiest way to process tax notices. All the user must do is upload their IRS e-File (Pub 1220 File) to our secure environment and we take it from there, printing and mailing your tax notices for you.

How TNS Works

  • User uploads their IRS e-File to the TNS site
  • TNS reads the e-File data
  • TNS processes the file for postage discounts, then merges the forms for mailing
  • The forms are printed and mailed
  • Information is then archived so the customer can retrieve or reissue forms on demand


One benefit of using us to process your tax notices is our ability to combine 1099/1098’s, something many providers aren’t capable of. Combining these notices can lead to big savings on postage and forms. In fact, one TNS user saved over $8,000 this year due to our ability to combine 1099/98’s. Not only did they save money, they also eliminated the stress and time it took to process tax notices in-house during an already busy time of the year. Using TNS is a win-win situation for any organization.

Benefits of using TNS

  • TNS provides all forms, saving the customer from having to buy and store paper/envelopes at their location.
  • Multiple mail cycles – 3 separate production runs to choose from in January for 1099/1098’s, one run in March and one in April for 1042’s, and one run in April and one in May for 5498’s.
  • Archive is available for download from the TNS site. The archive file has DOC Viewer bundled in, giving the customer the ability to reprint forms at their location as needed.
  • We have the ability to combine 1099/1098’s, saving the customer money on postage and forms.
  • Secure file submission and proofing on the TNS site.
  • Tax notices are mailed at the lowest possible postage rate available from the USPS.
  • Customers have the ability to track notices through the USPS mail stream.


If you are handling tax notices in-house and look to outsource, give us a shot. It’s what we do!

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