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Disaster Proof Your Statement Processing

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John Travis
Disaster Recover for Customer Statements

Who mails your statements when you’re forced to work from home? What about when something worse happens?

In less than a month, our city had to deal with the global pandemic and an EF-3 tornado that hit the business district. Both events ignited business continuity discussions across town. Internet, phones and network are at the top of most lists, but what about statements? Whether you’re required to mail periodic statements, or need invoices for cash flow, they can’t stop.

Here are four ways to keep mailing during a business impacting event.

1) DIY

The first solution is to have backup equipment in one of your own satellite offices.  In this scenario, you have a second set of equipment on standby in case something happens. In most instances, the equipment is a step down from your primary equipment. It needs to get the job done in a pinch. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. Test it quarterly or bi-annually.

2) Share

A less capital-intensive option is to partner with a sister company in another town. Make sure to define whose jobs get priority and when. Decide in advance about envelopes, paper and toner. Spell out those details on the front end. Test your documents on their equipment before you finalize anything.

3) Fail-over

Your process remains the same in this scenario. You use your equipment but contract a service provider in case something happens. In the event of a business-impacting event, you can fail over to the service provider. Together you will create a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It will define procedures, processing times, etc. A parallel run or a live run will ensure everything works as expected.

4) Outsource

The final option is to outsource to a facility with their own DR strategy. This option keeps your customer documents flowing through whatever crisis may occur. Check references, security protocols, postage policies and capacity before committing to a service provider.

Whichever option you choose, the important thing is to know and test your plan before you need it.

We are happy to help you protect your statement, notice and/or invoice processing. We have statement specialists who can talk more about any of these options. If you need a service provider, our Document Output Center (DOC) has extra capacity for you.

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