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AutoMail®, LLC Interfaces now available for online banking solutions!

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AutoMail®, LLC continues to expand our product capabilities. We now offer interfaces with 2 of the major banking software online providers. Jack Henry and FiServ Banks can now redesign their statements with AutoDocs™ and load these new statements into their online banking interface for electronic presentment. In the past statement redesign only affected customers receiving paper statements. With these new interfaces customers receiving electronic statements can now have access to a new modern statement.

It is becoming increasingly important for banks to make a GREAT looking statement with MARKETING capabilities. As more and more customers move to electronic presentment of statements, this opportunity to redesign and interface with electronic statement presentment solutions is a must. Our solution offers a way to easily communicate with both paper and electronic statement receivers equally.

Statement redesign can also help customers save money on their paper statements as well. With AutoDocs™ we can repaginate (take 3 lines and make 1) transaction lines within the statement detail. Repagination has many benefits such as: reducing paper usage, reducing toner usage, making a smaller file size, creating better/cleaner looking statements, reducing time spent printing and reducing time spent folding and inserting.

Whether you produce your documents in house or outsource this solution can work for you!

If you are interested in learning more about AutoDocs™ and how it can help improve your mailroom operations give us a call at 800-898-2540 or simply send us an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Find out more about the functionality of AutoDocs™. Click here to download the AutoDocs™ Brochure

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