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AutoMail®, LLC featured in Smithsonian!

AceOne Technologies

Trinamic Corporation, owners of AutoMail, LLC, and Document Output Center, LLC, has been added to the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum’s new Virtual Exhibition, “America’s Mailing Industry,” which tells the story of the partnership between the U.S. Postal Service and private industry. The Virtual Exhibition is located at

The partnership is a critical part of the American economy having a total economic value exceeding $1 Trillion and employing almost 8 million people. This new virtual exhibit features key businesses that communicate with customers and constituents through the U.S. Mail on a large scale; from direct marketers, to publishers, to nonprofits, to public entities as well as all the businesses that help prepare mail, such as ad agencies, print shops, software vendors and transportation.

AutoMail®, LLC, is the developer of AutoMail® mailing software considered the pioneering solution that changed forever the way community banks throughout America process their mail.

AutoMail®’s story began in 1993 when partners Harry Herget and Steve Smith, became involved with a new technology for banks called “Check Imaging.” At that time, banks were clearing about 70 billion paper checks a year through the payment system and check imaging offered the advantage of eliminating the paper items and replacing them with digital copies considered acceptable proof of payment by the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the Uniform Commercial Code; moreover, they could be exchanged electronically. Using electronic data instead of physical items, the time it took to clear a check through the payment system went from an average of four days to just hours.

In 1994, Smith and Herget were invited by the USPS to become Certified Business Partners. They were former senior bank officers who had started separate businesses; Smith founded and managed a mail fulfillment business and Herget founded a full service marketing company. Banks were their core customers.

As newly certified USPS business partners their stated mission was to advocate for manifest mailing and to help their large mailing clients present their mail in postal pre-sort order. A central part of their advocacy was to develop a proprietary software solution that was affordable and would accomplish their mission: AutoMail®.

Using their AutoMail® solution, the USPS would reward mailers with 23% lower postage rates resulting from “work share” discounts. Since its inception, AutoMail® has saved America’s banks over $500,000,000 in postage, with another $500,000,000 savings in mail room labor, equipment and consumable costs.

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