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6 Tips for Improving Your Customer Statements

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John Travis

A customer statement gives you another opportunity to speak to your customers. Your sales reps may not get a call back, or a gatekeeper might prevent you from popping in to their office, but a statement is not only invited in, but given attention. Here are six tips to make the most of this unique marketing opportunity.

1) Reinforce your brand

I recently received a statement and questioned who sent it. It didn’t have a logo or any identifiable marks. I wondered if it was spam. After some investigation, I discovered it was valid. But it needed branding. Your statements are coming from YOUR company. Use your logo, corporate colors and corporate font(s). It should match your business cards, letterhead, signage, website and social presence. Consistency is key.

2) Make it user friendly

Consider a newspaper. The most efficient use of the sheet of paper would be to cover the entire face of the paper with small text. The problem is you wouldn't be able to find anything. That’s why they organize the data into topical sections and then divide it into narrow columns. It’s then broken up by headlines, subheadings, photos and graphs. Newspapers are designed with the reader in mind, and your statements should be too.

3) Use color when possible

Color draws the eye, so use it to lead your customers where you want them to go. What do you want your customers to see: your logo, the amount due, your marketing message? Use color to make those things stand out.

4) Always include a cross-sell/marketing message

It’s a mistake to assume your customers know all the ways you can help them. If you’re sending a required correspondence, use it to also educate. A statement is a vehicle to deliver other news about special hours, new products or promotions. Be careful not to overwhelm them. Focus on one thing per statement cycle.

5) Offer electronic delivery options

An eStatement is a great companion to paper statements. It offers faster delivery, as well as a version for archive purposes. Common eDelivery methods include email or posting to a secure portal or website. Service providers, such as our DOC division, will host your online document presentment and brand it for you.

6) Update layout as needed

When we launched our new website a few years ago, the page views went up exponentially. Few things will draw more attention than something new. A new statement will have the same effect. It communicates to your customers that you’re updating, innovating and improving.

If you’re doing business, you’ll need to deliver statements to your customers. Make the most of that interaction. Let us know if you need any help.

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